Délicecook, a new concept with high profitability. Create a new source of income: the snacking industry is booming!

  • Easy supply with Délicecook's goods
  • Inventory follow-up and machine monitoring on your cellphone thanks to our integrated remote management system
  • Technical and financial support
  • The advertising screens on the vending machines generate additionnal self-financing revenues
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Create a new source of income

Exceptional return on investment

the snacking industry is booming!


Enjoy significant additional revenues

Vending machines

Model PZ-6 ▪ Pizza

Your hot pizzas vending machine.
Capacity of 64 pizzas, 6 selections

Model BGT-4 ▪ Panini

Your hot paninis vending machine.
Capacity of 80 paninis, 4 selections

Délicecook's strengths

Innovative products

Worldwide presence

High profitability

Délicecook's snacks

Strong growth

Full assistance service



354 rue de la Haute Folie
50000 Saint-Lô
Mob.+33 (0) 2 31 50 17 84

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